23 March 2014

Which RaDAR-Contest Category

So you want to participate in the upcoming RaDAR-Contest, but are pondering on which category to choose...
Keep in mind: "daring to be different", during the RaDAR-Contest you may switch categories on the fly! How so? What you do prior to your 1st QSO (out of each 5) is what defines your category.

Here is an example:
You begin the RaDAR-Contest by setting up in your garden (not traveling 1km by foot or 3km by vehicle to your QTH): /P multiplier for those contacts.
After 5 QSOs, you then go 3km or more by bike/vehicle: /M multiplier for the next 5 QSOs.
After those 5 QSOs you then walk 1km or more: /PM multiplier for the next 5 QSOs...

RaDAR: Daring to be different.

73 de Marcus NX5MK

1 comment:

  1. Hi Marcus, by definition, in South Africa, you need to be away from home to be portable otherwise it's considered "fixed station RaDAR".