09 September 2013

...the difference between RaDAR and SOTA.

The summit is the operations destination of the SOTA operator. The journey to the summit (including, and back) is the operations focus of the RaDAR operator. For every five QSO's, the RaDAR operator is required to move (on the move QSO's are allowed as long as the five QSO rule is valid).


Monthly RaDAR Challenge Honor Role - August 2013

And the winner of the Monthly RaDAR Challenge is...

Greg N4KGL

who is hereby recognized as the outstanding Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio Operator for August 2013 with 25 points on one day.

Runner up is Eddie ZS6BNE with 19 points.

All time Honor Roll:

August 2013: Greg N4KGL
June 2013: Greg N4KGL
May 2013: Greg N4KGL

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