19 March 2013


Q: Satellite operations.
A: I've had kind feedback from the ARRL which pointed out the following:
I am not a member or spokesman for AMSAT. However, I do know that for ARRL Field Day, we have a rule in place to limit operators to one QSO during the entire event on the FM satellite. There are no limits on analog satellites.
Since there is only one FM satellite left still functioning, and that is the easiest way to get on satellite, I think you will find some resistance to folks operating a contest during the 15 minute (maximum length) satellite pass. The FM satellite is crowded, especially on the weekends. It was a little better when there were three FM satellites orbiting, but now there is only one and it’s usually pretty busy. ... The FM satellite’s ID is SO-50.
Thus, maybe all satellite operators would like to keep this in mind and act accordingly.

Q: ...how far must a mobile/moving station move...
A: Please see details to that for the individual entry classes in the rules. I am hoping that a "Gentlemen's agreement" will prevail during the contest and that the individual contesters will police themselves. The required photo per Log entry should at least get the contesters moving, even if they should be off by a few yards. It's about the spirit of the contest to repeatedly redeploy.

FYI: There'll be some Canadian stations participating!

Q: Operating mobile from bicycle... is mobile operating?
A: I agree. Bicycle mobile would be logged as /M for now. I admit that I had not thought about bicycle mobile until now - I am thus considering creating a /BM category for future dates as - relatively speaking - it's far harder to traverse the required distance by bicycle between each QTH, than it is by car (which is also logged as /M).

Q: photo of each QSO or of each QTH?
A: The intention of the photo for the QSO is to demonstrate that one did change QTH after each 5 contacts, so a photo (-series) of the radio & antenna setup at each QTH is plenty. Will clarify this in the rules for future dates.

Q: If run out of stations participating [in the contest], can I count other stations I work?
A: Yes, please do! Each QSO counts, no matter with whom it is.
Q: ...if so, what info do I need from them for the log?
A: Call sign, Name, Report (RST), QTH and grid locator. If they don't know their Maidenhead LOC, get it from QRZ.com or other database after the contest, or alternatively: record some other information that could describe the location, e.g. Mabula Lodge, 40 km west of Warmbaths.

Q: ...if I am /PM can I double back to a previous location?
A: Yes. Most importantly: STAY SAFE AT ALL TIMES. If that means going back and forth between QTH locations, then that's the way it has to be. Though if you can go and explore nature some more by walking on to somewhere else - then please do.

73 de Marcus KD0JKM

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